Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Deep Sea Fishing

Yesterday Carlos and our neighbors Bob and Bill went on a deep sea fishing adventure.  They started their venture heading out from Akumal, a beautiful little town just a few minutes away from here.  Now as the story was told to me there was no action for the most part of the trip, just a few little bites here and there.  Not too much fun and adventure for a deep sea fishing trip.

Then right when it looked like they were going to go home empty handed our friend and neighbor Bob got a huge bite.  As it took a huge leap out of the water they saw it was a Sail Fish or in Spanish, Pez Vela.  Unfortunately these beautiful fish are protected and the only thing you´ll get out of them is a great fight and a sweat, there will be no dinner.

As Bob tried to wheel in this monsterous fish the rest of the men were instructed to wheel in all lines to avoid any lines getting tangled.  As Carlos wheeled in his line as quick as he could he suddenly got a huge bite on his end.  Since Bob´s catch was a catch and release fish they were hoping that Carlos had gotten a fish that they could actually take with them and not go home empty handed.

The more that Carlos fought with this fish the more everyone thought they were in luck and that he had probably caught a tuna or mahi.  This was due to the fact that his fish did not jump like Bob´s did and normally if it had been a Sail Fish the minute it had gotten hooked on it would have jump out of the air in complete madness.

So what was it that my dear husband caught you ask!?!?  Drum roll please........a.......SAIL FISH!!!   Yes, another Sail Fish.  So at the end of the day the men came back home with nothing but a good fishing story and no dinner.  That´s okay right?!?!  At least they had fun!  Who am I kidding...I wanted some fresh fish, possibly some fresh sashimi tuna.

Well, there´s always next time!!

Here´s some pictures from their deep sea fishing adventure!

Bringing the catch aboard.

Carlos and his Sail Fish.

Bob and Carlos´s Sail Fish.  Unfortunately right at the last minute as they were going to pull Bob´s catch on board his line broke.  Carlos said that Bob´s Sail Fish was much bigger than his.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

You fantastic fish you!

Taken last summer at Cozumel.

Since last summer Jasmine has bloomed into quite the swimmer.  Her first time snorkeling was in August of last year and ever since then she´s been so in love with snorkeling and anything to do with water and swimming.

But really, she´s a bit spoiled being surround by the beautiful Caribbean.  Who wouldn´t want to snorkel or swim in this beautiful, crystal clear water?

She has improved her fish like skills by spending these long hot days in the pool that we so happen to have convinently situated outside our back door.  She dives like a dophin, swims like a fish and is dark like another friendly animal, her Uncle Pono.

While we are on the subject, here´s some pictures of the beautiful Caribbean here in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

Cancun, Hotel Zone

Puerto Morelos

Cancun, Hotel Zone

Sian Ka´an Biosphere Reserve, Tulum

Sian Ka´an Biosphere Reserve, Tulum


Daddy, Jasmine & Cassie - Snorkeling in Cozumel

Anyone feel like going to the beach?

What´s crack-ka-lackin?

Three teeth at one time, that´s  what´s crak-ka-lackin.  Poor baby Lesi, three at once, but it doesn´t seem to bother her too much.  When she is a bit uncomfortable all we do is cut and peal a piece of apple and she normally sucks on it while we rub her gums gently.  I really wish we knew that before we bought all that darn teething rings and teething toys!!!  

So I guess with the teething comes the baby talk.  Since she´s been sprouting these three teeth she hasn´t stop babbling, and what does she babble you ask!?!?  She babbles, “a-dada-a-dada-a-dada”, and what about mama?   Poor mama, Jasmine did the same thing her first real babbling words were dada.  Oh well, what are you going to do!?!?  But don´t worry, my baby girl Lesi sings to mommy.  Yup, she sings...well its more like humming.  Whatever it is, it is beautiful and mommy loves it.  

I guess good things come in three because not only is she teething and babbling but she´s also rolling over.  There goes the good old days of laying her in one place and not having to worry.  She´s moving now and there´s no turning back!  

But I guess thats all to be expected, she is turning  6 months in two days.  OMG where did the time go?  I think it´s time to start thinking of another one!!!  ;-)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back on the blogging scene.

I know it´s been forever since I´ve blogged, well more like a little over a year and a half, but during these past few days I was inspired to get blogging again.  I was catching up on some old and new blogs that I follow and thought to myself why wasn´t I blogging?!?!  With all this free time at home why not?  Plus it´s a great way for my family and friends near and far to keep up with our adventures.

Now you maybe wondering what the hell is the title all about.  Well, MexSpanGlish describes our family perfectly.  We are a family of four and sometimes five that were basically born from around the world.  Between the five of us we were born in three different countries and four different cities. Hubby is from the north of Spain...Asturias, Spain to be exact, I come from the beautiful hawaiian island of Oahu, my step-daughter and my oldest daughter were both born in Sin City Las Vegas and our newest addition was born right here in Cancun, Mexico.  So if you didn´t get it yet ¨MEX¨stands for Mexico, ¨SPAN¨ stands for Spain or Spanish and ¨GLISH¨ stands for English, which is the language we speak back home in the good ol USA.  Our family is just as diverse as the title of the blog, plus it´s basically the language we speak at home...a little bit of English mixed with some Spain spanish  and a few Mexican words here and there.  

So there´s nothing more left to say but...Welcome or Bienvenido!!!